Unique "IRIDESCENCE" Druzy Agate Stone Neckpiece - 1 only


Image of Unique "IRIDESCENCE" Druzy Agate Stone Neckpiece - 1 only

Unique "IRIDESCENCE" Neckpiece, with Mulicoloured Plated Druzy Agate Stone on Woven Metallic Pewter Kangaroo Leather, with Black Plated Tubes & Clasp.

This neckpiece is made in a Unique Limited Edition of 1 only.

Each piece is hand-made to order, in Australia by Lyn&Tony.
Each piece uses unique and authentic, quality natural stone.
The kangaroo leather is environmentally & ethically sourced locally in Australia, from highly credited manufacturers.

All stone is unique and may differ slightly from the stone shown.

Piece arrives with Free Express Shipping within Australia, and will arrive in most places in one day after shipping, but allow 2/3 days in more remote areas.
Please enquire about specific international shipping rates.