"Blast" Tektite Stone Neckpiece

$594.00 Coming Soon

Image of "Blast" Tektite Stone Neckpiece

"Blast" Black Tektite Stone Neckpiece with Woven Black Kangaroo Leather, Black Plated Tubes and Clasp.
Tektite is a Stone, similar to hardened Glass, that is created when a Meteorite hits the Earth.
This piece is made in a limited Edition of 5 only.

Each piece is hand-made to order, in Australia by Lyn&Tony.

Piece arrives beautifully boxed with Free Express Shipping within Australia, and will arrive in most places in one day after shipping, but allow 2/3 days in more remote areas.
Please enquire about specific international shipping rates.


Image of "Blast" Tektite Stone Neckpiece